Airbloc Protocol (ABL) tokens will unlock today, ABL is listed on OKEx

Airbloc Protocol (ABL) is a decentralized advertisement data marketplace where individuals would be able to monetize their data, and enterprises would advertisers would be able to buy these data to conduct business intelligence, risk mitigation and targeted marketing campaigns for higher ROIs (returns on investments).

On August 10, a crypto exchange OKEx announced Airbloc Protocol (ABL) listing on its platform. Then listing was postponed and today, August 13, the information was updated. According to the updated information:

  • ABL deposit – 16:00 Aug 13 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)
  • ABL spot trading (BTC,ETH Market) – 16:00 Aug 14 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)
  • ABL withdrawal – 18:00 Aug 18 (Hong Kong Time, UTC +8)

On August 12, the Airbloc team announced that ABL tokens will unlock on August 13, 2018 at 16:00(UTC+8 Hong Kong Time).

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