APEX Network (CPX) has announced cooperation with Trueblocks

APEX Network (CPX) is a project that passes value and data ownership back to consumers, increases marketing effectiveness, data quality, and customer loyalty.

APEX Network provides boundless possibilities to build next generation consumer applications with optimized trust, relationships, engagement, and interactivity – it also provides a collaborative and trust-based gateway for commercial partnerships on frictionless blockchain protocol.

Today, May 22 APEX Network has announced that it will be initiating an in-depth cooperation with Trueblocks, a blockchain incubator and accelerator in South Korea. The cooperation so far has already generated solid success in events (APEX Show), media coverage (online and TV), and community building, but the APEX team and Trueblocks leadership have decided to take it to the next level with:

  • Korean Exchanges

Trueblocks will support the APEX team in Korea in facilitating exchange relationships and exchange listings with the top Korean exchanges.

  • Commercial Partnerships

Trueblocks will help accelerate the strategic and commercial partnerships in the area for APEX Network including brands, technology companies, and other ecosystem partners.

  • Community Expansion

Facilitate growth of the APEX Korean community – currently not yet growth mode with testing/stabilizing community ops with seed community.

  • Applications and Technology

Trueblocks will assist APEX in recruiting a Korean developer team to develop and localize customized applications, including a Korean version of CPX Wallet.

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