Bgogo will launch Ultrain (UGAS) Genesis Mining event on November 20

Bgogo (BGG) is the first digital asset exchange featuring supernode listing authority, designed to list the most high-quality and promising digital assets.

On November 15, Bgogo announced it would launch its 24-hour Ultrain (UGAS) Genesis Mining event at 7 AM EST on November 20.

Each user’s Genesis Mining allocation is limited to their own account. Bgogo will list UGAS/BTC and UGAS/ETH trading pairs on at 7 AM EST on November 21.

Bgogo will allocate a bonus from the Bgogo team UGAS holdings. The token bonus is from Bgogo’s private sale investment in Ultrain. The 35% bonus will be based on the UGAS earned and will be reflected in the user’s account after the Genesis Mining event has concluded.


  • Only the Genesis Mining White List users are permitted to participate the Genesis Mining.
  • Users that attend Genesis Mining participants MUST PASS KYC verification before Genesis Mining begins.
  • Users will be notified on the platform once the upper limit of their total allocation is reached. Transactions conducted after notification will be charged the normal trading fee of 0.10% but will NOT be eligible for BGG token refund.

Ultrain (UGAS) is a project that focuses on building a high performance decentralized public chain platform and ecosystem.

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