Bibox will list Hashgard (GARD) and reward users with 200 000 000 GARD

Hashgard (GARD) is a distributed, trusted asset management protocol and a high functionality next generation digital finance public chain.

On July 14 a cryptocurrency exchange Bibox will list Hashgard (GARD) on its platform.

Deposit and withdrawal functions will open at 11:00 (GMT+8) on July 14. Gard/BIX, Gard/ETH trading pairs will open at 16:00 (GMT+8) on July 14.

The exchange will also hold a reward campaign for its users. 200 000 000 GARD will be given away. The event will start on July 14 at 11:00 and will end on July 19 at 11:00 (GMT+8).

Deposit Reward

During the event, users participating in GARD/ETH, GARD/BIX  trading on Bibox will be rewarded by the rank of Net Deposit (Deposit-Withdrawal) .

  • 1st:5,666,666 GARD
  • 2nd:4,666,666 GARD
  • 3rd:2,666,666 GARD
  • 4-10th:1,266,666 GARD (each)
  • 11-20th:818,888 GARD (each)
  • 21-50th: 9,000,000 GARD (total)

Trading Volume Reward

During the event, users participating in GARD trading on Bibox will be rewarded by the rank of Trading Volume (Buy in+Sell Out):

  • 1st:10,888,888 GARD
  • 2nd-5th: 8,888,888 GARD (each)
  • 6-10th: 6,888,888 GARD (each)

Share: Users whose trading volume reach 100,000 GARD will be randomly rewarded from 60,000,000 GARD (Top 10 are not included)

BIX Holder Reward

Bibox will take snapshot of the users accounts at 14:00 on 2018.07.13 (GMT+8). 20,000,000 GARD will be rewarded as the airdrop to BIX holders.

All BIX holders will share 20,000,000 GARD by percentage of BIX holding volume. Rewards will be released within 5 days after event closed.

“In order to ensure fairness of the event, it is strictly forbidden to cheat, otherwise the qualification will be cancelled immediately. In serious cases, the Bibox account will be frozen”, – writes Bibox.

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