Binance announces its official stance on listings and partnerships

On August 8, a crypto exchange Binance announced its official stance on listings and partnerships:

  • Binance does not allow teams to disclose if they will get listed on the exchange until the respective announcement is released in Binance’s official channels. The same applies to partnerships.

“If any information about a potential listing or partnership leaks out beforehand, we will put the listing or partnership on hold; possibly indefinitely.”

  • Any reports of listings or partnerships that do not originate from Binance should be considered false.
  • The exchange does not accept teams using the Binance name for their gains without Binance’s consent.

This includes individuals or teams who claim they “will list on,” “aim to be on,” or “are a partner of” Binance in the hope to boost their credibility and coin price, without Binance’s explicit consent.

If the project is eager to tell its community it has applied to be listed on Binance, the exchange permits the use of a “Binance Application in Progress” image. This image is provided during the application process.

“If your project is not listed on Binance, use of the Binance logo or name in any other format than the aforementioned “Binance Application in Progress” image is forbidden.”

  • There is only one way to apply to list on Binance: The Official Application Form.

Any other applications will be ignored, and any direct communication from persons claiming to be a representative of Binance, if it does not originate from an application the project has made via this form, should be treated with extreme caution.

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