Bitfinex and EOS will launch a new decentralised exchange called EOSfinex

A crypto exchange Bitfinex and EOS, an infrastructure for decentralized applications, will launch a new decentralised exchange called EOSfinex.

According to Kasper Rasmussen of Bitfinex, EOSfinex is the first high-performance, trustless trading platform to be built on EOSIO technology. EOSfinex will combine the scalability and speed of EOSIO with the expertise accrued at Bitfinex to provide the space with an on-chain exchange experience based around instantaneous, transparent and trustless trading of digital assets. The purpose of EOSfinex is to innovate within EOS as well as to provide a platform for the research and adoption of EOS technology focused around security and scalability.

Rasmussen said that EOSfinex is nearing the end of its initial development stage.

The first public demonstration of the smart contract took place at the recent Bitfinex hackathon in London, and was applied to a number of fantastic pitches. All three EOSfinex components were available to participants — the EOSfinex exchange smart contract, a Nodeos plugin (with websocket market data and order entry support), and SunBeam (an EOSfinex Node.js library).

SunBeam is also released as an open source project. It provides basic order entry and market data support. The contract and plugin code will also be released once the code is finalized. Interested developers can find SunBeam on Github and make use of it as they see fit.

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Looks like it is really difficult to work out all these great things promised by Eosfinex developers. We should wait to see if they are capable.

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