Bitfinex presents new reporting tools, adds IOC order type

On October 9, a crypto exchange Bitfinex presented a new suite of reporting tools designed to enhance user control:

  • The UI is based on modern web technology improving how the data is displayed, as well as responsiveness across different devices.
  • Users wishing to download the code will have the possibility of working offline. Movements will soon be downloadable to a local database ensuring there is no need for an internet connection to work with the account data.
  • The entire suite of reporting tools will be soon open-sourced, giving users the possibility to submit features and personalize the tools to suit specific needs.
  • The new report UI leverages the Bitfinex API.

The exchange also announced an updated notification system and the addition of new Immediate or Cancel (IOC) order type. It works like Fill or Kill (FOC), but it allows partial fills.

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