63 replies on “Bitfinex users are now able to trade Tether-fiat directly on the platform through the addition of new stablecoin pairs”

I know that USDT will probably have a huge investment by Bitfinex, that would be incredible for the coin

This 1 billion investment can change the game in crypto, hope that bitfinex is serious about this

The market of coins will be dominated by only one USDT if Bitfinex gives it 1 bln dollars, that’s a rumor for now but who knows

if such a big giveaway would be really given to USDT I would be surprised cuz the market doesn’t seem stable enough to invest such huge sums, hope that Bitfinex understands that as well as I do

I’ve noticed that Tether is the most favorite topic for journalists. Sad that they are not often objective in their articles.

I really expect Tether to have all its’ fame back after the recovery and wish the coin to remain the strongest coin

that’s impressive that Tether stands against all these attacks steady without any serious changes

I value transparency in crypto and in this regard, Tether satisfies me, and I don’t want to start with any other stablecoin.

I can easily tell you why so many ppl prefer trading on Bitfinex – the platform provides a wide range of different services for trading which are rare on the market right now

The domination of USDT will continue without a doubt, with or without this giveaway by Bitfinex

I was surprised by the starting war and those wordsabout Tether that reporters say, my trading with the coin looks quite successful, to be honest

I cannot name other platofrms in crypto with such impressive results, Bitfinex is the only one exchange that comes to my mind

if Bitfinex continues being that safe for the people who use it, the platform will only go higher

I cannot imagine my trades without Bitfinex after the limit was removed, hope that the tendency wont change

me too, never thought about using that one before but after the removal of the limit I started thinking about that – now that’s my first trading paltofrm

I hope nothing bad will happen with Tether cause I can’t expect what will happen if it will be destroyed and like Tether and want it

after a couple of different months on Bitfinex I can say that the platform can be trusted and most of their updates are aimed at making trading more comfortable

all changes in Bitfinex have always been chasing one simple purpose – make our trading simpler and more reliable

we can speak about Bitfinex and its’ achievements even now – look at this, the platform still manages to overcome many of its’ opponents

it’s kind of a relief to see that Bitfinex situation is covered objectively by various sites, thats how we’ll hear the actual truth about this platform’s recovery from attacks and not just more dumb slander

not sure what the fuss is all about, Bitfinex has been consistent in what it offers to us, so its gonna be my choice for the time being

I’m not afraid for bfx. this is a team of crypto experts who will handle all the problems.

we can still trade with USDT like it was before and nothing has changed in its performance, maybe our worries are needless?

I see that most of the coins support Tether right now and that’s a pleasant thing for me to see

I expect massive migration of traders to Bitfinex after some possible surges in the future

Hm, as long as the platform keeps its eyes on the final prize of navigating their way out of this situation, it should be successful in that, it is what I believe

nice to see the platform have that many coins I dont mind trading with, Atom’s a good one, plus there is so much more that i’m yet to try, its kinda exciting

Bitfinex goes on with development no matter what, just look at their new projects, this is a significant impact to crypto.

with all the unpleasantness we see in online articles its good to get more optimistic announcements from Bitfinex to counter that, thats an ok balance

That opportunity I found thanks to bfx trades let me fix my financial state, so I am in favour of this platform staying around, it goes without saying

I’ve heard that the coin roster on the platform is a very strong reason to use this one, im kinda intrigued so I’ll have to confirm that

at this point Im just used to Bitfinex and their way of business more or less, so changing to smth else sounds like a really bad idea to me, not gonna do that

Tether like something stable in the world is full of instability I always can rely on it

Of course USDT has some problems but it can be solved pretty easily and it is no need to make a panic about it

looking forward to summer finally happening, it might bring about some fresh events and resolutions to current deadlocks – mb Tether will even spread to a new market, would be nice

Having new coins arrive on a platform is always a positive occasion, I expect Bfx to make utmost use of its newcomers, the platform needs every bit of resources it can acquire

Hm, I was uncertain for a bit, but now I see that Bitfinex users remain satisfied with the platform’s offers, so the exchange is safe on this front for certain

the platform is interested in progressing, and I’m concerned they wouldn’t take part in any misty deals.

I remember having some minor issues that Bitfinex team helped me resolve in a rather short time period, so I do appreciate how their support is working

its great to have the new toys available on Bfx, thats how this platform affirms that its alive and ready to fight yet, would be nice to see this sort of approach on a few other exchanges I like…

There was quite enough freshness on the platform lately, so I take it as Bfx’s willingness to press on and keep its online presence stable in spite of all the adversity, that’s nice in short

I think Bitfinex will more likely invest in the application and develop this sphere but I wont exclude the possibility of listing new markets and coins

Despite crypto being in a very ambiguous state, I hold the belief that my trades should remain on Bfx for the time being, it is simply not worth to move them anywhere else yet

I like the way company supports margin trading, they put much efforts for its development also in comparison to other famous platforms that don’t want even deal with margin.

I’m just chewing popcorn and watch the way things are going. Tether is doing not bad in this struggle actually.

well Ive got more reasons to stay on Bfx now, a few of their novelties did catch my eye and I just cant ignore them

ive got some newfound respect for Bfx recently, there was no other option when i saw them handling that court case cmon

I’m all right on Bitfinex. It would be foolish to move the assets to some dishonest trading with dull reputation.

have to say that my trust has always been with finex even when almost all my friends turned on me

All these new projects released by bfx recently indicate on their sustainability and willing to improve. With such an attitude they must overcome the crisis.

i mb wrong, but it seems to me that Bitfinex has predicted quite well how the public’s gonna respond to their recent announcements, they must’ve got a bunch of real competent ppl to run the exchange

Always a pleasure to see people who know their craft at work, the platform makes a good product

Bfx is progressing smoothly right now even though it just faced a tough crisis, I guess that’s a testament to how tough this exchange can be

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