Bithumb DEX is officially open, airdrop event is launched

On October 15, a crypto exchange Bithumb launched a decentralized platform Bithumb DEX.

From October 15 till November 15, transaction fee will be free of charge (users will only need to pay the Gas fee to Ethereum Network).

The new exchange also launched the airdrop event. A total of approximately $ 100,000 (500 ETH) coins will be distributed. The event started on October 15 and will end on October 30.

  • Coins will be distributed to the top 1000 traders who have traded for two weeks.
  • The trader must trade more than 1 ETH worth in trade volume for one of the following coins (DENT, INS, POA20, RNT, WTC) to qualify for the event.

Airdrop starts from 2018.11.01 14:00. Completion depends on Ethereum network conditions.

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