BitMEX accused of serving US citizens and manipulating the market

Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement, previously known in the lawsuit against Ripple, accused the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange of manipulating the market and working with U.S. residents without the necessary license.

The BMA statement said that BitMEX HDR Global Trading is registered in Seychelles so as not to obey US laws. Prosecutors also claim that BitMEX is involved in money laundering and money transfer fraud.

According to Pavel Pogodin, Director of Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement, the cryptocurrency exchange uses Twilio to communicate with customers. This cloud service stores data on correspondence and user addresses. It is in Twilio, according to Pogodin, that evidence of BitMEX’s work with American citizens is stored.

BMA’s lawyer is confident that the use of the American Twilio service by the exchange at the same time as denying its jurisdiction in the US jurisdiction was a big mistake for the exchange management. According to company representatives, the cloud service froze all BitMEX data on its servers until June 15.

According to Pavel Pogodin, in response to their demand to provide BMA with information about operations on the exchange, they received a meme with the words “Registered in Seychelles, come to me, bro.” This may indicate BitMEX’s confidence in the ability to continue working with the Americans, says Pogodin.

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