Blockchain in media & entertainment: threat or opportunity at Cannes Film Festival

On 17 May, in the course of Cannes Film Festival, blockchain industry experts, leading investors and projects will gather to popularise the idea of blockchain for the media and entertainment industry top executives and show live cases with the focus on how blockchain can add value and solve painful industry inefficiencies.

The reception “Blockchain in media & entertainment: threat or opportunity?” is organised by Astra Group ( Astra Group partners with Paramax Films to livestream the event during the 2019 edition of Cannes Eco.

The reception will be organised as a panel discussion with the participation of IBM, Aurora Media Holdings, DL Capital Partners, ITech Capital, and more. The discussion will be moderated by Greg Reitmen, described by Movie Maker Magazine as “one of the top ten filmmakers producing content that impacts our world”. The keynote speaker of the event is Alexander Shulgin, CEO of Group of Companies Familia, a global company, specialising in digital economy, media and new media space.

Having already gained wast recognition in capital markets, blockchain is becoming increasingly popular in the entertainment industry offering such benefits as:

  • More efficient sales and distribution resulting in automation and higher profits
  • Bringing content directly to the consumers
  • Cut the middlemen making it easier to distribute revenues directly
  • Efficient protection of copyrights
  • Quick access to investors worldwide

By creating an immutable record of transactions on any asset such, as a movie or a screenplay, blockchain technology can substantially reduce expenses for both established studios and smaller players. Moreover, blockchain creates a multi-billion-dollar use case for funding films and other media projects by providing access to investment rounds to wider public.

During the two-hour event and a cocktail reception, panelists and keynote speakers will (i) discuss how blockchain can address and resolve the industry inefficiencies (ii) share life stories of the projects who have raised production money using blockchain technologies (iii) share best industry practices, threats and opportunities. Guests will also have a great opportunity to network, which may foster strong business relationships.

The guests are investors, producers, main distributors, founders of the leading projects in this field, internationally renowned entrepreneurs as well as Eurimages of the Council of Europe, European Commission, European Audiovisual Observatory. Top managers of entertainment industry are eager to learn about new solutions available to them.

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