Bridgecoin, bridge to Forex – overview

Bridgecoin aims to add innovation to the traditional Forex (foreign exchange trading) market. It is stated that 10K + users who formed the community of the project – already appreciated it. 

The project’s slogan is FREEDOM OF ONLINE TRADING, LIKE NEVER BEFORE, and its market is Forex. It would seem that this market is already innovative, currencies are traded 24 * 7. What else is there to improve? However, the BRIDGE team is confident that it is possible and necessary to improve it. If only because the Forex turnover is $ 5.4 trillion per day. For comparison: futures turnover is $ 440 billion per day, 12 times less; the US stock market is $ 257 billion a day – about 21 times less; the cryptocurrency market is $ 4.8 billion per day. At the same time, the total commissions for Forex traders can be up to 10%, that is, about $ 550 billion a day settles in the pockets of intermediaries. Blockchain is able to eliminate this disgrace. And Bridge offers its solution for this. 

It is proposed not one, but 3 innovations at once, which create the BRIDGE ecosystem: ONEPRIME Broker/ONEPAMM/ OneClickCopyTrade. 

In short, the combination of these three innovative systems completely changes the Forex trading algorithm: – ONE PRIME aims to become a prime broker offering brokers the ability to purchase BD at the current market price. This feature provides leverage to brokers that choose to use our platform. Brokers can choose to manage their own risk and profit by using their leverage and deciding how much of their BD they would like to allocate to traders. – ONE PAMM is a platform for managing a funding pool from many investors and is traded or managed by the world-class experienced master traders and AI technology. We carefully select master traders who perform outstandingly with consistent performance on their trading portfolios. – OneClickCopyTrade platform, which grants an opportunity for the investors to copy any masters from any brokers. The unique feature of the system differs from using any traditional copy trading platforms in which the masters and the followers must be from the same broker. These features will allow traders and masters from around the world to copy trade and connect quickly and easily. The ecosystem is united by utility token BD. The advantage of BD is that it gives the user a possibility to join the Bridge ecosystem and it will increase its value as adaptation will go along. The token is built on the Stellar blockchain, which promises almost instant transactions, that is especially important for a volatile market like Forex. The Stellar blockchain has proven its reliability and effectiveness over the years, working as a platform for currency payments since 2014. The Stellar XLM token is one of ten cryptocurrencies by capitalization, according to CMC. Let’s not forget that Steller is the hard fork of Ripple (XRP), the third cryptocurrency. But the main quality of Bridge, which, perhaps, gave the name to the project, is a gateway for payments in the Forex industry: – The payment gateway performs a variety of tasks to facilitate payments between acquiring banks and issuing banks. It determines whether transactions are approved or declined by verifying transaction information and also provides a secure pathway to exchange information between all relevant parties. BRIDGE allows brokers to make instantaneous payments to liquidity providers through Blockchain technology. With this methodology, the transaction fees are reduced from as high as 5-7% to between 0.5-1%. 

A serious partnership indicates a certain guarantee of the project realization and its development. Bridge announces two partners: (1) p2pb2b – a growing crypto exchange of the new generation (9th place in the CMC rating, about 370 traded pairs plus as many unverified) and (2) IndaCoin exchanger. The choice of partnership explained: – BRIDGE has allied with notable brokers who serve as facilitators and Liquidity Providers. Through this alliance, cashback bonuses can be redeemed for Forex credit. This credit can then be used to trade in the market. 

The core of the team looks impressive, but fake links to profiles on LinkedIn are alarming. 

Although, for example, cofounder Suttipong Sukkasem has a LinkedIn profile, and it is impressive: – Experienced and driven Financial Analyst with a history of working with customer-related solutions. I am passionate about Business Development and determined to exceed goals, for the company and for clients. I’m committed to retaining long term clients by diligently assisting them to achieve success. 

The most optimistic feature is the roadmap of the project, which is still being implemented accurately. Ultimately, Bridge strives to become a liquidity provider (LP) in the third quarter of 2021. It will join as LP such reputable companies as SAXO Bank, Sucden, Financial, LMAX Exchange. These healthy ambitions promise a tremendous increase in the value of BD token. 

Token offering and IEO
At private offering, it was sold 15 million BD at a price of $ 0.7. IEO is scheduled for Q1-2, 2020 and will be held in 3 phases. In the third phase, the price of BD will be almost twice as high as it was at the private sale, $ 1.3. But, apparently, even these late investors do not lose. As for the distribution of funds, it looks plausible. 

IEO will probably be held on the p2pb2b platform. A token listing with a high probability will also begin with this exchange. But surely the BD token will attract the attention of other leading exchanges. 

It is surprising that not a single blockchain project has yet tried to invade Forex with its colossal turnover. Perhaps it depends on a lack of expertise and imagination. The Bridge team has both. As a result, an innovative tool for Forex can be developed, and traders will get tangible gains in trading efficiency and profitability. Early investors of the project can gain even more, as everyone who enters in time and hold BD token.

Pre-Sale Terms
State 1 Feb-Mar
State 2 Mar-April
State 3 April-May

Token Symbol: BD
Total Number of Tokens: 300,000,000

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