Carboneum (C8) and ICON (ICX) have entered into a partnership

ICON (ICX) is one of the largest inter blockchain networks in the world, striving to connect different blockchains to build a more valuable and scalable network. loopchain, the core blockchain engine that powers the ICON Network, is currently being applied by real enterprises such as banks, securities firms, hospitals, and universities.

Carboneum (C8) is a decentralized infrastructure and protocol for social trading, leveraging blockchain to promote transparency, automation and a fair fee mechanism, which are missing in social trading systems today.

Today, June 9 Carboneum has announced it teamed up with ICON.

«This collaboration brings ICON as Carboneum’s technical and strategic partner and it will proactively help Carboneum with its technical development on ICON blockchain and strategically support the project’s further expansion», – wrote Carboneum team in the announcement.

Carboneum will utilize ICON blockchain to build its protocol and DApp on ICON blockchain and become part of ICON ecosystem.

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