Chinese courier service intends to use blockchain in an epidemic

One of the largest Chinese delivery services SF Express, which ranks second in terms of the number of parcels delivered, is considering the use of blockchain technology to provide the population with everything necessary in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a March 30 Global Times release, the company is exploring ways to track the origin of medical products to verify their quality. Although SF Express itself does not yet provide extensive comments on this matter, the Global Times claims that the service already uses the blockchain in the delivery of medicines and food.

It is reported that the blockchain is on a par with big data and artificial intelligence in resolving complex logistics situations to help healthcare providers fight the pandemic.

SF Express delivery service uses blockchain and big data in the operation of the logistics network, which works with data on all goods and parcels. The network prioritizes the delivery of goods and also helps to solve the problem with low-quality and unlicensed products.

Other Chinese technology giants, among which Alibaba Group and Huawei, are also considering the implementation of some AI solutions in order to strengthen security measures and preserve people’s health.

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