City of Zion (CoZ) announces the release of Neon Wallet 2.0

The City of Zion (CoZ) is an independent, international group of open source developers working on NEO blockchain.

On November 13, the City of Zion announced the release of Neon Wallet 2.0.

According to the announcement, NEON will always remain a decentralized application relying on user’s computer and the NEO network to drive 99% of core functionality without relying on third party APIs or services.

Users can always rely on NEON v2 to accurately reflect their token and asset balances 100% of the time.

Enhanced ledger support is added.

Users also can easily browse their wallets’ entire transaction history and add contacts easily in a simple and beautiful new Activity tab.

NEP9 payment requests and parsing is enabled.

Additionally, users of NEON will now be able to request payments for any asset on the NEO network using the convenient and intuitive NEP9 receive user experience.

The developers also added the ability to parse NEP9 QR codes in order to quickly and easily send assets across the network.

V2 supports both the creation and importing of existing private keys through a dramatically simplified wallet management user experience, reads the announcement.

NEON now supports a much cleaner and simpler experience for participating in future token sales with ability to add network fees to token sale contract invocations.

Further, a new component library was refined and developed for future reuse by contributors with flexible and advanced features.

V2 has simplified the process of managing users’ personal contacts across the network and added the ability of node selection.

NEON now supports the ability for users to manually (or automatically) choose a network node (on both main and test nets) giving substantially more control of wallet functionality to the users, reads the announcement.

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