Cobinhood adds USD fiat

Taiwan-based cryptocurrency service platform Cobinhood has announced the launch of fiat trading. This means that fiat can be converted through the exchange into cryptocurrencies, and vice versa. U.S. dollar deposits will be accepted from July 20th. The company needed to comply with KYC Level 3 in order to operate in a stringent regulatory environment and partnered with Epay for a solution.

“In several instances, the market is not reflecting tremendous progress being made at cryptocurrencies worldwide,” – states Popo Chen, founder of Cobinhood, – “Traders know there are opportunities abound for value, so it’s a very synergistic time to debut fiat trading on the Cobinhood platform. There’s no doubt in my mind that many value investors were waiting on the sidelines until prices rationalized, and so the near term promises to be an exciting time for exchanges that can offer the liquidity fiat options provide.”

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