Coinsbit referral program: millions of dollars to hundreds of thousands of users

The largest exchange in Eastern Europe Coinsbit is rapidly creating the largest cryptocurrency community of the exchange token, due to the powerful referral system. Currently, 7-8 thousand new users are registered every day. The program is scheduled for 2 months. According to the forecast 300-500 thousands of new users will be attracted during this period.

Coinsbit’s exclusive referral program is backed by exchange token CNB. The price of the token is 0.1 USD. The referral program participants receive from 2000 to 5000 CNB, that is, from $200 to $500. Such scope of activities has been never seen before in crypto market!

CNB is a utility token, users can use it to get discount on exchange services, but not only. CNB is included in Coinsbit’s lending platform, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Token holders can receive a guaranteed income of 3% per month in CNB if they take advantage of the opportunities of Coinsbit Invest Box.

CNB token has excellent prospects for listing. It will be traded not only at Coinsbit, but also quoted on other exchanges from TOP-5. After all, the CNB community of 300-500 thousand users from Europe will join these exchanges users.

Coinsbit’s exclusive referral program is an innovative product that has no analogues in the history of crypto industry. The powerful program starts on October 15 and has three tiers and two types of bonuses.

– Bonus 1: 1000 CNB ($ 100) for referrals of the tier one; 500 CNB for referrals of the tier two and 250 CNB for tier three referrals.

– Bonus 2: 25% of the trading commission from the first tier referrals, 15% – of the second tier and 5% – from the trading commission of the third tier referrals.

The referral program with Bonus 1 will be active till the CNB IEO launch on December 23, 2019.

The referral system with bonuses from trading will work continuously. Once attracting a referral, the user provides himself with a solid guaranteed income for a long time.

Those who registered on the Coinsbit before October 10 have already received 5,000 CNBs, i.e. $ 500. Each invited new user will be able to get $200 (2000 CNB).

Not surprisingly, the Coinsbit exchange is now the most popular platform in Europe, and indeed in the entire crypto world.

The most powerful referral program in the history of crypto industry is designed for 2 months and ends on the eve of the CNB token IEO, which starts on December 23, 2019. But then new opportunities will open up for users, including the opportunity to buy CNB at a discount of 50%. If you wish, in a week you can trade the CNB token on exchanges, and trade profitably, according to the forecast of the exchange. And now it is the time to stock up on CNB tokens by participating in a large-scale referral program.

Coinsbit defines a new standard for community building and it leaves far behind it all competitors and imitators.

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