DIPChain Project Set to Launch Major Exchanges in September

Since entering the bull market in May, the price of altcoins has been soaring all the way. Many cryptocurrency investors have benefited from it and the market becomes unprecedented eye-catching. Even Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, led to released its whitepaper for Libra on 18 June.

Since the private sale of DIPChain began on May 18, a large number of investors have been looking to purchase DIPC for high returns, thus leading to the advance of its Early Allocation.

According to the Whitepaper of DIPChain, the total amount of DIPC is 1 billion, and the sales amount of DIPC account for 35%. DIPC assets are currently under the custody of DIP FOUNDATION to ensure the stability of currency prices and the convenience of upgrading and maintenance.

In the ecosystem of DIPChain project, the holders of DIPC will have a series of rights and interests including dividend distribution, community governance and node campaign. On its DAPP DIPLive, artists, art lovers and cryptocurrency investors will also use DIPC as incentive when interacting with each other.

Based on the current global sales quota of contemporary art, it is initially estimated that the sales quota will reach 3 billion RMB. Based on the market share of 5% of the DIPChain, at least 150 million RMB will be used to buy back DIPC every year.

In addition, it is worth noting that according to the official information of DIPChain, recently the senior management of DIPChain is actively negotiating with Huobi, OKEX, CoinAll, bit-z, HitBTC, Bibox, IDAX and other mainstream exchanges, and plans to list on 2-3 mainstream exchanges in September. If successful list on, the circulation of DIPC and token price can be expected.

Contact Details :

  • Company Name: DIP FOUNDATION LTD.
  • Email: ir@dipchain.io
  • Website: https://www.dipchain.io
  • Telegram: https://t.me/dipchain
  • Country: Singapore
  • SOURCE: DIPChain Project

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