DIPLive Drives the Art Industry to Upgrade

Over the past few centuries, the art market was relatively traditional and closed, which is difficult to access. Although most auction houses have introduced some innovative model such as online auctions, the art market still has various problems.

Traditional trading methods are centralized, leading to the opaque identification and authorization of the artwork. Key players in the art market seems to control the information, which means that it is impossible to measure the fair value of an artwork. However, DIPLive is such a platform that can help the art industry to change these pain points and reshape the art industry.

Art Investor – Lowering threshold and reducing investment risk

Each pieces of art will generate a unique token, which can be used by art amateurs to trade in the community for ownership and value appreciation.

Online Education – Borderless art knowledge

Art amateurs can communicate with artists, enjoy the aesthetic education regardless of national boundaries.

Art Institution – Distributed industry nodes

DIPLive aims to set up an art culture community as well as build a distributed art industry economic ecology integrating education, artist incubation, IP protection, art curation and art life.

KOL Incubation – Driving the transformation of community value

KOL is an important communication node, enabling community users to visualize their own positioning needs and leading to the value transformation of DIPLive community through tagged people.

Art IP – Empowering consumption upgrade

Art IP will generate exquisite IP materials and contents, link art culture and fashion life, and provide people with authorized art products as well as personalized retail experiences.

Payment for Knowledge – Building community economy

DIPLive develops a UGC community, by paying to share knowledge, which can condense high-quality users, increase audience’s emotional identity and enhance community cohesion.

Vertical Media – Provide customized information

The DIPLive platform will aggregate all kinds of art information platform to provide clear information service with vertical media as the leading edge.

Social Platform – Borderless communication

Artists, art amateurs, and investors from different cultural backgrounds will communicate and exchange ideas with each other on DIPLive platform to implement the concept that “everyone is an artist”.


DIP FOUNDATION is a Non-profit Foundation established in Singapore. The original intention of the DIP Foundation is to globalize the blockchain economy and transform the existing art industry.

Contact Details :

  • Contact Person: Fimo
  • Tele: 8618510760097
  • Email: ir@dipchain.io
  • Website: https://www.dipchain.io
  • Telegram: https://t.me/dipchain
  • Country: Singapore
  • SOURCE: DIPChain Project

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