Egretia (EGT) and Nebulas (NAS) announce strategic partnership

Egretia (EGT) is the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform.

Nebulas (NAS) is an open sourced, community based blockchain dApp platform and search engine, aiming for a democratized and continually improving ecosystem.

Today, on July 12, Egretia and Nebulas gave jointly announced that they will cooperate together strategically. In the coming future, both enterprises will take initiatives to cooperate with each other in the three main directions of Blockchain developer community, Public Blockchain and the content platform of Blockchain, furtherly focus on the exploration and foundation of blockchain context, and also jointly promote the prosperity and innovation of blockchain industry through the complementary advantages of both sides.

The realization of strategic cooperation between Egretia and Nebulas will unveil a new era of the exploration of blockchain development, further facilitate the integration of both advance sources and speed up the foundation of blockchain application. Meanwhile, the mutual innovation, cooperation and initiatives will not only benefit the developers, but also motivate the creativity, and powerfully promote the prosperity and boom of this industry.

In the aspects of strategic cooperation initiatives, both Egretia and Nebulas will focus on the blockchain developer community, public chain and blockchain content platform, proactively promote the processing acceleration of the blockchain, extend the blockchain application context and improve the value.

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