EOS (EOS) Constitution overhaul is suggested

The EOS network is having some troubles – on the one hand, the technicalities of running the network and the preparation for the upcoming dApps. But there is also trouble with the human-readable rules. The EOS Constitution has proven unfeasible in the real world, and there have been calls for an overhaul, or a complete removal of the written rules.

Another problem for EOS is the lack of a trusted wallet – the Graymass wallet is being used, but small-scale EOS holders may still keep their tokens on exchanges, not trusting the stability of the technology. Dan Larimer, the founder of EOS, spoke of the possibility of overhauling the rules.

The calls for a constitution overhaul come days after a total of 34 accounts were permanently or temporarily frozen, revealing that block producers have too much decision power over the network, even with the ECAF arbitration body helping the decisions.

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