eosDAC airdrop to EOS token holders starts on April 15

On Sunday, April 15 eosDAC airdrop to EOS token holders takes place. 75% of eosDAC tokens (900 million) have been allocated for an airdrop to EOS token holders. All EOS token holders holding over 100 tokens at the end of Day 300 of the EOS crowdsale (April 15th 2018, 01:00:00 UTC) will receive 1 eosDAC token for each EOS token that they hold, these tokens will be transferred directly into their Ethereum (ERC20 compatible) wallet. The actual airdrop will be made as soon as possible after this date.

All Ethereum accounts that have 100 or more EOS tokens in them at the snapshot on the 15th April will automatically receive the airdrop.

But if you have less than 100 EOS and you hold them in a wallet for which you control the private key, then you should sign up to eosDAC newsletters, and after the snapshot the team will inform you how you can collect your tokens.

While eosDAC will now include Crypto Exchange wallets in the airdrop, you will need to contact your exchange directly to check that they will distribute the eosDAC tokens to an eosDAC wallet under your control. If your exchange is not prepared to do this you would need to withdraw your EOS tokens to an exchange that supports the eosDAC airdrop, or better still to an ethereum address for which you have the private key.

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