Experts have found the most profitable mining devices after Bitcoin halving

Journalists of The Block conducted a study and found out that after the bitcoin halving, the most profitable miners are the latest Bitmain and MicroBT devices.

MicroBT’s Whatsminer M30S ++ model comes in first, with a hash rate of up to 112 TH / s and a daily profit of up to $ 8.53. With a minimum margin from the leader, there was a rival device called Antminer S19 Pro with a hash rate of 110 TH / s and daily profit of $ 8.49. The TOP 10 most profitable mining devices included 5 other MicroBT models and 3 from Bitmain.

To compile the rating, the researchers used the price of bitcoin $ 9700 and the price of electricity $ 0.03 in their calculations.

Devices of the past generation are now at a very disadvantage. For example, the flagship of the previous series Antminer S9 hardly provides a profit of half a dollar a day, despite the fact that almost a quarter of Bitcoin’s hash rate fell on these devices before halving. 

According to CoinShares, Bitmain miners still dominate the market, covering almost ⅔ of all devices. But the closest competitor, MicroBT, is ramping up production and sales by providing 50% of Bitcoin’s hash last year.

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