First mining patent – meet Beeminer Group!

Company Beeminer Group , a manufacturer of immersion mining equipment, got a patent. In the document issued by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property it is stated:

  • The patent for utility model № 181944 – Installation for immersion liquid-phase cooling device for cryptocurrency mining . The author and copyright holder is Belov Evgeny Alexandrovich (the founder and CTO of Beeminer Group).

Beeminer Group not so long ago celebrated the first anniversary of work in the market. In a short time, a series of breakthrough innovations in the creation of equipment for immersion mining was realized.

The company constantly carries out research and development work to further improve the features of the equipment produced. Good achievments are in overclocking through both firmware and hardware upgrades. The result is up to 50% of the hashrate.

In June 2018 Beeminer Group has implemented the most ambitious project – the construction of mining farm with1440 ASICs and total capacity of 4 MW in the desert. Due to own innovative solutions (two-step adiabatic cooling technology) the company succeeded in reducing power consumption for cooling to 1% – 8%, on average year – 4%.

Currently Beeminer Group launches a new line of equipment with 8, 24 and 36 ASIC-s, designed specifically for overclocking. Own firmware allows to overclock e.g. Antminer S9 to 20 TH / s and more.

In just one year of operation, Beeminer Group became one of the leaders in the market of immersion mining equipment. Its products are in demand and receive flattering feedback from miners all around the world.

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