FOAM Protocol (FOAM) tokens unlocked, FOAM gets listed on Poloniex

The FOAM protocol (FOAM) is empowering a consensus-driven map of the world. It introduces a system that provides “Proof of Location”. This allows users and autonomous agents to privately record authenticated location data independent of external centralized sources such as GPS, among other use cases.

While the FOAM network launched in September 2018, FOAM tokens have been locked by the protocol and were non-transferable during an initial Proof of Use period. This period has ended today, December 11, and tokens may now be transferred on the Ethereum blockchain.

Today a crypto exchange Poloniex has announced listing of FOAM. Deposits, withdrawals and full trading of FOAM in BTC and USDC pairs are currently live on the exchange.

The FOAM price is 0,00001467 BTC ($0,05) on Poloniex at press time.

15 replies on “FOAM Protocol (FOAM) tokens unlocked, FOAM gets listed on Poloniex”

Poloniex is working already without trading margins for some time. It seems things are not okay right now

If you open Poloniex website you will find a list of ridiculous coins that nobody is going to use

Do you think poloniex are listing new and new coins without a reason. I don’t think so

I believe if Poloniex change their customer support things will change considerable. This weird team is just making everything worse

I hope that new coins with learn that dealing with poloniex is not the correct decision.

I guess in a few weeks polo will present a few new coins. That’s already a tradition to list shit coins

Don’t be surprised if your poloniex’s withdrawal is processed very slow. That’s just an usual think for them for the last a few years

When is poloniex going to delist their coins again? People, be careful, this will be unexpected

I’m sure that poloniex aggrieved its every client. Too many abnormal actions were done during these years and nothing to fix it

I’m wondering if poloniex still have real customers that are trading on it. Now I doubt a lot. I think all this data are just fiction

do you still doubt that poloniex volume is fake? I have understood that long ago because nobody is trading there anymore

I think polo has no enemies. What I feel like now, after a few years after my money disappeared is just pity

that’s poloniex fiasco baby and that’s a good news for me and for all cheated clients

call me back when Poloniex manages to fix their constant crashes lol, I know it wont ever happen so dont even bother

I was expecting smth like this to happen. Polo was too optimistic and thought that they will exist forever

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