Fusion (FSN) announces the Fusion PSN Wallet with new quantum swap technology

Fusion (FSN) is a public blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-datasource smart contracts.

On November 20, the Fusion team announced that its Payable Stage Network (PSN) would be launched in December.

On December 11, the Fusion team announced the upcoming Fusion PSN Wallet with a new quantum swap technology.

The Fusion wallet is the central place for users to execute P-FSN token transfers, time-lock assets for loaning, swap assets using quantum swap, buy tickets for staking and more, reads the announcement.

For the purpose of PSN, Fusion adapted the My Ether Wallet (MEW) interface as the basis for the Fusion Wallet.

“The purpose of using a trusted and familiar wallet like MEW is to give users the confidence that their digital assets are secure and limit the learning curve with a familiar interface”, – the team writes.

For technically inclined community members, the open-source code will be made available.

The majority of crypto wallets use one of three mechanisms to achieve a swap or an exchange: atomic swap, shapeshift and exchange connected wallets.

The Fusion Quantum Swap (QS) is a new technology enabling swaps and exchanges offering increased flexibility and speed for peer-to-peer transactions compared to existing wallet mechanisms.

  • Multiple asset support. Once a digitized asset is locked onto the Fusion Network, any digitized asset, token or coin is supported, meaning any asset can be freely exchanged.
  • One-step transactions. QS eliminates multiple step exchange confirmations.
  • Freedom to determine swap or exchange pairs. Users define the assets to be exchanged without pairing limitations.
  • Users set their own terms. No interference from centralized parties or processes setting rates, it’s purely peer-to-peer. The power is in the hands of the counter-parties.
  • Immediate transactions. Once a user posts a “make swap” offer and the counterparty accepts (“take swap”), the transaction executes. The transaction is logged into the decentralized, immutable Fusion Network ledger.

“The Fusion Wallet with Quantum Swap functionality is a big step forward for wallet technology that spans beyond crypto asset management. With immediate, peer-to-peer, multi-asset support for time-locked and standard asset swapping, the Fusion Wallet marks the new standard for exchanging digitized assets,” – reads the announcement.

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