Fusion (FSN) will launch its Payable Stage Network (PSN) in December

Fusion (FSN) is a public blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-datasource smart contracts.

On November 20, the Fusion team announced that its Payable Stage Network (PSN) would be launched in December. The PSN will allow the community of early adopters to see how Fusion technology solves the challenge of interoperability by enabling cross-border, cross-ledger, and cross-asset transactions on the platform. PSN will allow the community to fully test the network before migrating to the main net.

The community can also earn FSN ERC-20 token rewards for participating in PSN testing.

Fusion has designed a unique reward system for PSN participants. In the PSN “sandbox”, PSN tokens (P-FSN) will be used as utility to test a range of unique functionality including: generating universal short account numbers (USAN), staking, swapping, transacting, time-locking, and more.

For example, running nodes on the PSN earn rewards in both PSN (P-FSN) and in ERC-20 FSN tokens.

The team also described how to participate in PSN.

Fusion will take a snapshot of the Ethereum block at block height 6,868,000. This snapshot will serve as the PSN genesis block balance. Based on the number of ERC-20 FSN tokens at block height 6,868,000 of Ethereum in each public address, PSN tokens (P-FSN) will be automatically sitting in the same public address as every ERC-20 FSN holders are using now. The private keys remain the same. Fusion will release instructions with details about how to use your current private key/ keystore of ERC-20 FSN to access PSN tokens(P-FSN) in its upcoming article.

Those wanting to participate in the PSN testing program should keep their ERC-20 FSN in a wallet whose private key is in their control at the moment that Ethereum generates its 6,868,000th blocks. If user’s ERC-20 FSN tokens are in exchanges now, he/she should withdraw them to the wallet and keep tokens in the wallet until Ethereum generate its 6,868,000th block.

Fusion has four main goals for the PSN

  • Validating the platform.
  • Testing features and functionality.
  • Proving the utility of the FSN token.
  • Validating the security of the Fusion platform for the token swap.

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