Glassnode: Investors Prefer Long-Term Bitcoin Investments

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency trading attracts many fast money lovers, statistics show an increase in the popularity of the “buy-and-hold” strategy among bitcoin investors.

According to statistics from the well-known Glassnode agency, more than 60% of all BTCs did not participate in transactions during the last year. A similar situation was already observed in 2017 before the cost of Bitcoin reached $ 20,000 per coin.

Studies show that investors have become more positive about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market for long-term investments. The factors that influenced this may be Defi, the emergence of new technologies, and the entry of institutional investors into the crypto market.

Source: Glassnode

Among other reasons that could raise the crypto industry in the eyes of investors, investor Paul Tudor Jones names the fear of inflation, the crisis in the classic market, and the fall in stock prices.

Glassnode analysts believe that during the fall in asset prices, investors use this to make a profitable purchase of BTC. At the same time, the cryptanalytic company Coin Metrics believes that when calculating the capitalization of Bitcoin, it is not necessary to use the “inactive” part of the issue. According to Coinmarcetcap, the value of the Bitcoin network is $ 180 billion at the moment.

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