Hedera Hashgraph () will launch an accredited investor crowdsale

On August 1, Hedera Hashgraph, a next-generation distributed public ledger organization, announced that it had raised $100 million from institutional and high net worth individual investors to further the development and use of the Hedera public distributed ledger platform and network. Hedera plans to launch the network and start giving early access to some partners within the next month, with numerous distributed applications already being developed for the platform.

Hedera also announced it will be conducting an accredited investor crowdsale, targeted at raising $20 million. The accredited investor verification process opened on August 1 and will close when the target is reached, or August 15, whichever comes earlier.

“We are offering tokens at $0.12, which implies a $600m valuation based on expected 10% circulating supply in year one and $6bn based on total supply. This is the same price that our institutional investors paid and the same price paid by management and employees who invested over $10m in this round”, – writes the Hedera team.

As a U.S.-based company, the offering will be conducted in accordance with SEC regulations as a private placement pursuant to Rule 506(c). Details can only be found by typing in hederahashgraph.com, and no solicitations will be made over social networking channels such as Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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