HitBTC don’t like customers from CIS?

The Internet and social media are filled with reports that on “the most advanced exchange of crypto-currencies operating since 2013” start to ban accounts, mostly of users from CIS countries. The reason is “inspections for the purpose of anti-money laundering; proceeds of crime and counter terrorism  financing legislation.”

Appeals of owners of blocked accounts lead to protracted dramatic dialogues with HitBTC Team. The drama is genuine. The clients of the exchange are dumbfounded trying to prove the origin of the funds. Heart-rending stories are cited: “In order to participate in the exchange game, I sold the apartment, the car, I believed in luck and invest all the money into bitcoin!”.

HitRTC Team imperturbably and politely (and sometimes not very) requests to provide one, then another, then the third:

  1. In order we could track the transactions appropriately, we would kindly ask you to furnish us with the following information:
  • the screenshots from your bank account where we can see the transactions of the BTC using the exchange services

  • if the purchase was made using the cash, we would also need the receipt of the photo from your bank account

  1. It’s necessary to:
  • Determine the source of the remaining transactions, which had been sent to your HitBTC account…
  • Determine the initial origin of these funds. Please provide us with fulI-display screenshots of the withdrawal histony on the service you’ve used to send these funds to your bitcoin wallet.
  • According to AML/KYC rules, which HitBTC exchange is subject to, our security department is monitoring all activities on our platform. Our goal is to stay secure and reliable, safety of every transaction being ensured. Pursuant to internal policy on customer identification process, we kindly ask you to provide us with the following:
  • – A clear closeup photo of your document (national ID or driver’s licence), being held in your hand. Scanned images are not accepted;
  • – A photo of yourself settled near your monitor with this ticket viewed on screen. You should be easily identified on the photo, and this exact text with the following picture should be clearly seen.

The proof of residence is also requested – receipts of utility payments. proof of a bank account, bank statements …. It is also suggested to tsign in to HitBTC account with any network data disguising tools (VPN, proxy) deactivated.as part of an inspection …

Desperated, customers are ready for extreme measures:

– I can give you the password from the wallet View all transactions there for their!

And in the end they wake up: Do you want to steal my bitcoins? Well, let everyone know about this!

Threats, of course, do not work, so clients are forced to alternate them with complaints: I already explained everything to you, you went to the second circle. You have received everything that you demanded, I gave you all my data, come to my home in Ukraine! I’ll show you and tell you everything. It is better to return to me and then it seems to me that you decided to steal my bitcoins. You better not joke with me. Otherwise, you will get a huge loss of your reputation!

Proceedings last up to a month. And they may lead to nothing.

It’s posted in social media about problems with bitcoin. But official HitBTC groups also report on ERC20 inspections:

Due to a potential issue detected in ERC20 smart contracts, we initiated an internal inspection. All deposits and transfers on ERC20 tokens will be getting online in accordance with the results of the inspection. Please refer to the System Health page for online status.

The problem was fixed on April, 27.

But they closed forum:


At the same time, the exchange does not refuse to communicate with customers. Official social media groups regularly inform about new traded pairs. Also there was a message on updating the core, which worked properly from 2013.

It is difficult to refuse the reliable and time-tested crypto-exchange. But no one want to lose coins, acquired by excessive labor. It remains to save yourself and save all the transaction documents!

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