Holo price has doubled within 24 hours

Holo is a decentralized hosting platform built on an architecture called Holochain. Holo fulfills on the promise of blockchain by leveraging the scalable architecture of Holochain to accomplish two primary feats:

  • Enable fully-functional decentralized applications (far more sophisticated than smart contracts) to serve mainstream Internet users;
  • Provide the massively scalable crypto-accounting infrastructure required to host and manage applications at such enormous volumes of usage.

Holo ICO ended on April 28, the project attracted $20 388 500 during the token sale. The cost of 1 HoloToken (ticker HOT) was 0,0000002267 ETH during the ICO.

Today, April 29 HOT has started trading on IDEX – around x2 in ETH from ICO price.

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