Hublot will release watch for Bitcoin’s (BTC) 10th Anniversary

Hublot, Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, has unveiled a special timepiece in collaboration with OS Limited (OSL) to commemorate Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary.

The new hand-assembled limited edition ‘Big Bang’ model is now available for pre-sale to celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. And in the spirit of crypto, the homepage even displays a project roadmap.

The price of the watch will be $25,000, and it can only be bought for bitcoin and will be limited to 210 pieces as a symbolic nod to the 21 million bitcoin that will ever exist.

Hublot adds that the timepiece represents “a fusion between top-notch Swiss watchmaking and cutting-edge FinTech.”

Hublot has partnered with Octagon Strategy Limited (OSL) to promote the new model, which will be officially launched on November 6th and will be delivered to customers January 3, 2019.

OSL, a digital asset brokerage firm, will help process customer data during the pre-sale and promises customers “a safe and secure” shopping experience.

However, the pre-sale registration may surprise. If you’d like to order a timepiece that costs tens of thousands of dollars, additional information such as the full name, address, and a phone number will be required. Get ready to also upload copies of their government ID, passport and proof of address – as if you’re registering for a regulated Bitcoin exchange.

Hublot is not the first brand to release a Bitcoin-inspired mechanical watch. Moreover, if spending tens of thousands of dollars on a timepiece is a no-no for you, Cryptomatic, which has been producing Bitcoin-themed watches since 2014, offers a much more affordable option at an $800 price point – or 30 times cheaper than Hublot’s new ‘Big Bang.’

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