Huobi Capital has joined Airbloc Protocol (ABL) as a strategic partner

Airbloc (ABL) is a decentralized personal data protocol where individuals would be able to monetize their data, and advertisers would be able to buy these data to conduct business intelligence, risk mitigation and targeted marketing campaigns for higher ROIs.

Huobi Capital is the investment arm of Huobi Group, focusing exclusively on promising ventures and projects related to blockchain technology, digital currency, and crypto assets.

Today, on July 20 Airbloc Protocol announces that Huobi Capital joins Airbloc Protocol as a strategic partner.

Projects supported by Huobi Capital are able to tap into Huobi’s rich ecosystem resources including Huobi Exchange, Huobi News, Huobi Labs, Huobi Eco Fund and Huobi partners’ resources.

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