In the capital of China, over a hundred government services run on blockchain

According to a local online publication, the Beijing authorities are preparing a presentation of the first blockchain project in the field of public services.

It is reported that 140 applications of state services are already using blockchain technology. Programs can be divided into 3 types: “distribution and data exchange”, “joint data processing” and “electronic certificates and their storage”

A local official, commenting on the possibilities of storing certificates and verification, called the blockchain a “breakthrough in data exchange,” noting that this is very difficult to implement in standard ways.

One of the areas in which the Chinese authorities are using blockchain is the real estate sector. This direction is represented by 11 sectors including the commission for municipal planning, the commission for housing construction and development of rural areas in cities, tax bureau, bureau of public maintenance.

There is also information that China is considering blockchain as a means of transferring information between medical institutions during future epidemics. However, at the moment, the authorities have problems in the development of the state blockchain sector, since the interested parties do not transmit the necessary information to them.

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