Italian company Ancora1919 offers Bitcoin and Ethereum fountain pens

Ancora1919, an Italian company that has produced luxury pens since the early 20th century, has announced that it will soon accept pre-production orders for limited edition Ethereum pens. Ancora1919 also sells limited number of bitcoin pens.

As with offered Bitcoin Pens, the number of Ethereum Pens will be limited to 888 rollerball pens and 88 fountain pens. The nib of Ethereum Pens will be made of 18K gold.

The pens will be sold a distributed using a model emulating that of a tokensale. During the «pre production stage», customers will be able to purchase the pens for a 50% discount compared to retail prices. Pre-production will take place from the 8th of April until the 8th of May, during which the rollerball pen will be available for $1 000 USD, and the fountain pen will be priced at $1 250. From the 12th until the 27th of May, Ancora’s «production stage» will see the rollerball pen priced at $1 250, with the fountain pen costing $1 500. Finally, the Ethereum Pens will be made available for retail sales from the 1st of July onward, with the pens priced at $2 250 and $2 500 respectively.

Ancora1919 will also offer a limited number of pens incorporating additional precious metals in exchange for cryptocurrency. Ancora’s «Platinum numbers» will cost 15 ETH each, Gold 10 ETH each, and Silver 5 ETH each.

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