It’s not too Late If you Learn Blockchain Finance From Now

2019 Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Finance Summit(Singapore), one of the most influential blockchain summit organized by The Blockchainer is about to open on April 11-12th 2019 at Mandarin Oriental Singapore, with the prediction of 500 participants, 30+ traditional financial institutions, 80+ quality projects, 50+ investment institutions, and 50+ digital currency exchanges from worldwide.

The conference was not only responded well by global top investment institutions, exchanges, world-famous blockchain medias, industry leaders, and high-quality blockchain companies, but also strongly supported by traditional financial giants. This is really surprised that these traditional banks which once denied blockchain now turned to this industry. Like Vitalik pointed out that ” finance is actually most likely the first area where blockchain will be widely used.”

In fact, not only Vitalik Buterin, but also many traditional giants have entered the blockchain financial industry. As mentioned above, traditional financial giants have been eyeing the big cake of blockchain new finance, and the guests who will give a speech on Chain Plus this time include:

  • Piotr Jan Pietrzak, chief innovation officer at ING, the world’s 11th largest asset manager;
  • Zhukuang Lee, head of product innovation at standard chartered bank, “World top 500 brands 2018” ranked no. 250.
  • Kelvin Tan, head of capital market innovation & technology operations department of DBS bank, the largest commercial bank in Singapore;
  • Andrew Pudovikov, software development engineer at the blockchain laboratory of sberbank, Russia’s largest state-owned commercial bank.

Really curious about what ideas these big banks will share, what changes will they want to make to lead a brand new future. Like any conference, besides these unprecedentedly luxurious banks, cryptocurrency exchanges are also on the boat. And this time, the stage in Chain Plus is for Southeast Asia exchanges:

Satang Corporation, Bibox, Bitfinex, Securitize, Remitano, Vietnam’s bitcoin exchange, Indodax.

All markets cannot be separated from the support of capitals, investment never miss a fortune feast. Chain Plus has attracted more than 30 top investment institutions in the industry:

HashKey capital, Node Capital, J One Capital, huobi global, Sora Ventures; NGC, JLAB, OK Blockchain Capital , JRR Crypto, True Global Ventures, Taipan Investment ,etc.

Although the blockchain is decentralized, government supervision and guidance are essential.

Financial science and technology association of Sri Lanka, fintech association of Singapore; the central bank of Sri Lanka; former the monetary authority of Singapore.

During the conference, participants and audience will not only have the opportunity of discussing with industry experts from worldwide company, such as R3, Stellar, Onchain Custodian, Bitkan, TontineTrust, Maecenas, NEO, Ontology, Swarm Fund, Goldlinks, InvestaCrowd;

But also learning from conglomerates who did excellent business with blockchain technology like Onchain Custodian, a global standard third-party digital asset Custodian platform, committed to cooperating with customers and partners to establish digital asset Custodian; Goldlinks, a global gold industry blockchain alliance; Bit-z, one of the world’s famous blockchain asset trading platforms; ontrade, famous digital assets trading platform; UniDAX, a global digital asset trading system; Global public chain system HTDF; Distributed Earth, a blockchain project established by Singapore DBE foundation; Elastos, the world’s first Internet operating system; Lbank,The world’s leading digital asset trading platform.

The conference covers almost the entire ecology of blockchain. Global leaders from around the world will attend to discuss and present various topics about blockchain industry, cryptocurrency, decentralized networks, economics, finance, etc. Attendees will gain a wealth of insights and information about the state of blockchain industry through discussion and networking parties.

If you want to delve into the new blockchain finance, this summit cannot be missed.

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