John McAfee launches two useful websites: McAfee Market Cap and McAfee Crypto Team

John McAfee, a British-American computer programmer and businessman, adds nice resources for the crypto community by launching two useful websites.

Team McAfee has launched and

The website presents data aligned with the values and 24 hour trends of all the major coins and tokens in the crypto-markets. The current list on gets to 949 cryptocurrencies and also provides real time data on the total market cap of the crypto-markets, 24 hour volume and the Bitcoin Dominance.

Team McAfee has also launched The McAfee Crypto Team website that offers support for ICOs at all stages of development. Their experts work with ICOs in the following ways:

  • Strategic analysis – at all stages of the ICO process;
  • Whitepaper support – polishing whitepapers to better communicate the project’s vision;
  • Web Optimization – website usability and aesthetics;
  • Crypto-connection audit – audits all partners on key elements such as trust, viability and experience;
  • Network Resources – access to team McAfee’s industry connections;
  • Audience Reach – social media and other multimedia services.

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