Korean FANTOM (FTM) Beats Indian Zebi (ZCO) as for Crowdsale Tx Cost

FANTOM crowdsale is closed soon after it was started on 15 of June due to high interest and good  hype. Those who’d like to join the project were ready to pay thousands of dollars. But not everybody got the prize. As Eherscan shows the highest ever Tx cost was reached during that crowdsale – 43.821281604 Ether ($21,837.02). It was paid for the value of 529 Ether ($263,611.28). As for previous rec, it belonged to Indian project Zebi with 100K GWEI Tx cost (https://coinstelegram.com/2018/04/29/zebi-price-has-increased-seven-times-since-the-token-sale/).

FANTOM (FTM) is the world’s first DAG based smart contract platform that solves the issue of scalability and confirmation time of the existing blockchain technology. Its priorities are:

  • Instant Payment – transactions on the FANTOM platform are executed asynchronously with instant confirmation.
  • Near Zero Cost – transaction fee is less than 0.01 USD from one wallet to another.
  • Infinite Scalability – as more nodes participate in the network, its processing capability increases.
  • Open-sourced – the FANTOM platform is open-sourced for transparency and trust.

Announced FANTOM TPS Performance is 300k TPS.

Zebi (ZCO) is blockchain service which specializes in providing blockchain based solutions to governments and enterprises to leverage, protect their high value & sensitive data. Returns since ICO (ended on 5 of March): 1.68x USD, 2.86x ETH, 2.98x BTC.

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