KuCoin website is updated

On July 2 a cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin announced the update of its website.


  • Optimized incentive bonus distribution
  • Imrpoved deposit receipt notification
  • Optimized the management of the special cryptocurrency address
  • Take effect to cancel withdrawal automatically when fail to receive response from withdrawal notification email
  • Adjusted the export template for trading history
  • Disabled withdrawal from sensitive actions

KuCoin IOS App was also updated. Obfuscated and reinforcement features to improve App security and scrolling effect in navigation bar of the market page are added. Bugs were fixed.


  • Updated the market depth chart
  • Optimized the asset address for deposit and withdrawal
  • Updated languages

KuCoin Android App is also updated. Obfuscation granularity to improve App security as well as gesture unlock are added.


  • Revised wallet address collection for special cryptocurrency
  • Cleared cache
  • Collected logs

KuCoin RESTFUL API is also updated.

Newly added:

  • Added “/v1/orders{?symbol}” for order search based on specified contidions
  • Added “isActive” field in the result from the order detail interface for order processing judgement.


  • Upgraded API KEY permission

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