Liquid Global was Hacked: About $90 Million Stolen

Japan’s exchange announced it had been subjected to a hacker attack, and the loss might exceed $90 million. Although they still don`t inform on the exact amount stolen, the exchange ceased deposits and withdrawals.

On Thursday, the platform management posted about their warm wallets been compromised, thus they were to relocate the assets offline.

Eddie Wang, senior researcher at OKLink claimed, even though it’s still an uncertain question on how much money was lost, the funds stolen in ethereum, tron, bitcoin, and other coins could value more than $90 million, roughly. 

Later they reported on cooperating with other exchanges in a matter of freezing assets. Johnny Lyu, CEO KuCoin’s, added the hacker`s addresses to the blacklist as soon as he got to know what happened. Most likely, other exchanges will do the same. There are 9 hacker`s wallet addresses where one deposited stolen money. One of them even was receiving bitcoin at 7:20 UTC when Liquid Global found it.

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