MailChimp to close accounts related to crypto

Marketing automation platform Mailchimp will close all accounts related to cryptocurrencies, including initial coin offerings (ICOs), exchanges, news, books, events, and announcements.

Andreas Antonopoulos, an industry expert and Bitcoin advocate, commented on this topic in his Twitter account:

«This is the second instance I hear of Mailchimp shutting down accounts related to crypto-currencies. Not ones advertising ICOs, or even exchanges. Just news, books, events, announcements».

Evan Van Ness of the Week In Ethereum tweeted that Mailchimp is shutting down their account in four weeks «because they hate Blockchains».

Blockchain job board Cryptocurrency Jobs said their account with Mailchimp is being closed as well.

According to the email sent to a MailChimp customer, the policy change will take effect on April 30.

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