Merculet (MVP) is trading on OKEx at x2 in ETH from ICO price

Merculet (MVP) is dedicated to applying technical means to helping Internet enterprises readily accessible token-based operation, cultivate the products jointly created by enterprises and users and forge a brand-new productive relation of highly effective and efficient circulations between enterprises.

Merculet (MVP) Token Sale ended on May 4, the project raised $28,686,240 during the token sale. 1 MVP cost 0.00001429 ETH during the ICO.

Two days ago, on June 12 a crypto exchange OKEx listed Merculet (MVP) on its platform.

Now Merculet (MVP) is trading on OKEx (OKB Market only) at x2 in ETH from ICO price (when converted from OKB to ETH).

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