MyEtherWallet urges Hola users to transfer all their funds to a brand new account

MyEtherWallet (MEW) always warns its users about every possible threat that could come their way. This time it seems that users of Hola’s Chrome extension are in potential danger. In today’s tweet, MEW urged them to transfer funds immediately to a newly-created account.

“Urgent! If you have Hola chrome extension installed and used MEW within the last 24 hrs, please transfer your funds immediately to a brand new account!”

According to MEW, Hola reportedly has experienced a breach that had lasted about 5 hours, allowing hackers to log any activity that users of the extension may have done on MEW.

The breach supposedly has ended, so MEW users could just go ahead, make a new account and transfer all their coins there, emptying the old wallets.

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