OKEx announces KYC and withdrawal limits, launches voting on the next listing

On August 23, a crypto exchange OKEx announced KYC and withdrawal limits. According to the announcement, users must complete at least KYC verification level 1 in order to withdraw tokens from OKEx.

Withdrawal limits for:

  • Unverified accounts: 0
  • KYC level 1 accounts: 2BTC every 24 hours
  • KYC level 2 & 3 accounts: 100BTC every 24 hours (may increase according to the user’s trading volume)

The new withdrawal limits applied at 14:00 August 28, 2018. This rule is applicable to all OK Partner exchanges users.

Currently OKEx is conducting voting on the next listing in its Telegram official English group.

“We would love to know what projects do you think are with great potential of making an impact in the blockchain industry. And we will consider listing them, to take part in building a greater ecosystem”, – writes OKEx.

“Simply vote for the token in the list or choose “Offer own variant” to add your favorite. Your voice will be heard.”

DEADLINE: 5-09-2018 23:59.

To participate in the voting process you can visit OKEx official English group in Telegram → https://t.me/okexofficial_en

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