OKEx launches perpetual swaps and instant messaging service

On December 19, a crypto exchange OKEx announced the official launch of perpetual swap on its website and app. Perpetual swap is OKEX’s latest derivative product characterized by no expiry and delivery. At the first phase, it supports BTC with a maximum of 100x leverage. The Perpetual Swap also features mark price, tiered maintenance margin ratio system, and partial liquidation mechanism for better risk management.

Additionally, OKEx launched an instant messaging service. Developed for its over-the-counter trading (OTC) platform, the new feature allows users to establish direct communications between buyers and sellers.

On December 18, the service was launched on the OKEx mobile app, and on December 20 it became available on OKEx.com.

The instant messaging service allows traders to send and receive messages in real-time with their counter-party. The apps are available for both the iOS and Android operating systems. By enabling push notifications, traders will be alerted immediately through their mobile devices once they receive any updates.

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