OneLedger (OLT) made a partnership with FBG ONE

OneLedger (OLT) is a scalable and universal cross-ledger protocol designed for business.

On July 11 OneLedger announced a strategic partnership with FBG ONE, an industry leader in digital asset management and community leadership, to sustain a healthy market for OneLedger as further grow its user base.

FBG ONE will be supporting a healthy market, and connecting with leaders in the blockchain space. Chinese businesses that seek to be heavy users of OneLedger can further access to tokens, creating more efficient ecosystem. The project will also seek access to a new pool of talent to help grow the developer base and provide necessary services and testing.

“Following the successful launch of our MVP we continue to seek strategic partners that bring value beyond investment. It’s key to forge relationships globally and engage inside and outside the blockchain community. Our dedication and focus creates long-term viability of the project and market that is necessary to make an impact in this industry”, – writes the OneLedger team in the announcement.

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