Origin Protocol (ORIGIN) announces next funding round on CoinList

Origin Protocol (ORIGIN) is building a platform that enables the creation of new decentralized marketplaces in the sharing economy to compete with dominant incumbents like Uber, Airbnb, and Craigslist. One of its chief objectives is distributing the value created by these marketplaces more equitably to Origin’s network’s many participants.

Previously, the Origin team announced that they had closed their Strategic Round from 190 strategic investors. These investors are now helping Origin build and develop its community presences in dozens of countries, making introductions to potential partners, and helping it add great team members to the Origin team.

Today, June 18, the Origin team has announced its CoinList Round that will allow for a much larger number of people who believe in Origin’s mission to participate as early investors.

«One of the specific goals we had for this round was not to optimize for total money raised, but rather for total people able to participate. This means that we have decided to spread the opportunity to invest to as many people as possible while keeping our maximum investment per person at a lower capped amount. The total amount we’re seeking to raise with this round is capped at $6.6M USD. Due to SEC accredited investor requirements for private placements, China’s ban of token sales, and New York state’s stringent money transmission laws, there will unfortunately be some restrictions on which investors can participate in this round. Again, we are exploring having several additional ways for an even broader group of community members to participate in the future.», – writes the Origin team in the announcement.

The team adds that many of the investors in this round will be ones that likely would not have had access to traditional startup investments without being limited partners in institutional funds or members of tightly-curated angel investor syndicates.

Starting today, prospective investors will be able to register for the Origin CoinList Round. During registration, they will have ample time to register, demonstrate accreditation status (this process can take up to 1–3 days), pass AML/KYC checks, and review all relevant deal materials. People will be able to start investing beginning on June 28.

«For individuals that may not be able to participate in this round due to regulatory requirements we must adhere to, please accept our sincerest apologies», – writes the Origin team.

To register on CoinList go to this link→ https://coinlist.co/origin

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