PChain (PAI) testnet 2.0 will be online on November 30

Pchain (PAI) is the first native multichain system that supports EVM in the world and it makes large scale blockchain applications possible.

According to the project’s team announcement made yesterday, the PChain Testnet 2.0 will be online on November 30. The official website will be updated in the same time.

Based on the high performance of Testnet 1.0 which was released on September 13, the upcoming Testnet 2.0 will be upgraded with 3 features which focuses more on the security and consensus efficiency:

  • Upgraded PDBFT consensus mechanism to make consensus process more stable. It will use aggregation signature technology to reduce the traffic required by consensus, which will enable more nodes to participate in consensus directly and improve consensus efficiency.
  • Upgraded structure of PChain system to connect with Ethereum more smoothly. PChain will upgrade EVM to the latest version, which is able to support the latest smart contract instructions.
  • Introduced black box automated testing framework in order to conduct continuous and comprehensive test on PChain.

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