Perlin (PERL) Network has released its first open-source project called Noise

Perlin (PERL) Network frames a trustless market around an untapped computing power supply consisting of highly underutilized computing resources to make supercomputing economically viable and accessible globally.

Today the Perlin team has announced that their first open-source project called Noise has been released.

Noise is an opinionated, easy-to-use P2P network stack for decentralized applications, and cryptographic protocols written in Go by Perlin Network.

Noise is made to be robust, developer-friendly, performant, secure, and cross-platform across multitudes of devices by making use of well-tested, production-grade dependencies.


  • Real-time, bidirectional streaming between peers via. KCP/TCP and Protobufs.
  • NaCL/Ed25519 scheme for peer identities and signatures.
  • Kademlia DHT-inspired peer discovery.
  • Request/Response and Messaging RPC.
  • UPnP/NAT Port Forwarding.
  • Logging via. glog.
  • Plugin system.

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