Phantasma (SOUL) releases its MVP this week

This week Phantasma (SOUL) minimum viable product (MVP), the Phantasma Mail demo, will be released. The message distribution supported by communication with off-chain legacy email systems is not supported in this version, this will be added later (POP3, IMAP, etc). Users will be able to send emails to other Phantasma Mail users, just not outside of the app yet. In future updates the Phantasma team will be adding more awesome features to Phantasma Mail.

Phantasma will also release a tutorial on how to use the application and what kind of functions can be performed with it.

Once Phantasma release the software development kit (SDK), people can start tinkering and developing new applications using the features and components available by Phantasma Protocol.

«Throughout the roadmap we have planned to release 4 more core applications, which adds up to a total of 5 core applications. Each application will show different components and features possible of Phantasma Protocol. These will not be the only components which will be supported by Phantasma Protocol», – wrote the Phantasma team in its announcement, adding:

«This being an open-source software, we are sure that the community will come up with crazy and innovative new ways of implementing different functions and actions within their apps built on the Phantasma platform!»

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